Matt Damon to Reprise Bourne Role?

The 2010 Oscar Nominee Matt Damon-One the Top of the World!

Matt Damon has transformed before our very eyes into the quintessential leading Hollywood man as well as Hollywood actor. The writing was on the wall more than a decade ago when he and guy pal Ben Affleck took Hollywood by storm with the critical triumph debuted film 'Good Will Hunting.' The debuted film won this three time Oscar nominee his very first Oscar to launch what has been a very tremendous and well respected career. Confirmed to be in London hard at work with fellow Oscar's winners Morgan Freeman and Client Eastwood, Matt Damon is definitely a man of all work and minimum play work ethics.

Does this man ever take a sick day? His latest flick sees him teamed up with director Clint Eastwood for the second time the film Invictus . The film co-starring Damon and Freeman premiered in London just days ago to a warm reception admits the brisk London chilly weather. Both Freeman and Damon have the honor of being 2010 Academy Awards nominees much to their surprise and delight. Damon's award nominating performance as South African rugby captain Francois Pienaar in Invictus could see him nab yet another Oscar. Let's face it... you can never really have too many of them.

Damon, 39, and his lovely wife Luciana manage to keep their personal relationship air tight and under the radar far away from the prying eye of the media. The pair have been married since the end of 2005 and have one adorable little girl together named Isabella. Damon and Luciana seem determined to stay clear of playing the predictable Hollywood 'couple" game. Damon has successful kept to the business of being a great actor which continues to win his the respect of Hollywood and especially the Academy Awards nominations.

His latest project entitled Hereafter is set to keep him in London just a little while long. In Hereafter, Damon's co-stars are Bryce Dallas Howard and Jay Mohr. Based on the tale of a factory worker and psychic named George played by Damon, the film delves into the background of the psychic whose abilities include communicating with the dead. Hereafter is described as three storyline plots that somehow links various individuals to each other. Expect this film's release later this year as It is due out just in time for Christmas 2010.

The hottest Matt Damon movie ticket to lookout for his the reprisal of the Jason Bourne character that shot Damon to international stardom overnight all over again. As Bourne, Damon was no longer the friend of Affleck merely or an actor with the Ocean's gang. Damon became Matt Damon in his own right. And, with three massively successful installments in the trilogy action thriller story the next installment is said to take the story plot back to the beginning of this amazing adventure tale. The word is that Damon has not actually signed onto the project as of yet.

Otherwise, the new Bourne film will definitely feature a new actor to continue the trilogy to the next level of action thriller status. The film is slated to commence work in 2011. Damon told BANG Showbiz: "I don't know you know. I think it will be a prequel of some kind with another actor and another director before we do another one. Well, here's hoping that he does?


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