Won’t Get Fooled Again – The Who at Super Bowl 44 Press Conference

How old is Roger Daltry? This man has been around for centuries… The lead singer of ‘The Who’ gave a stunning performance at this year surprise ending Super Bowl Bowl XLIV 2010 event. All it took was 12 minutes and the audience went wild. The older and newer generation all rocked to the 70’s and now again 2000’s rock band who have aged rather gracefully with the musical status of rock legends under their belts. It really must feel great being the ‘The Who’ now. Songs chosen from the Townsend 1960’s album were belted out across the stadium. Lasers, lights and fireworks were flashing through the performance during halftime. The air and atmosphere in the stadium was electrifying to say the least. The crowd went even wilder with tunes like “Won’t Get Fooled Again” from the 1971 and Baba O’Riley. The 12 minute set seems to last an eternity as it ultimately came to an end. And, the real entertainment of the day commenced. The New Orleans Saint’s pulled of the hat trick of the season. Stunning the mighty to Colt’s to their defeat. The final SCORE BOARD said it all…



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