Brad Pitt the Rebound Man- Who Will Pitt Rebound onto Next?

Brad Pitt the Rebound Man – Who Will Pitt Rebound onto Next?

Brad Pitt and co adamantly denied a relationship with former co-star Angelina Jolie aka stalked Pitt off a film shoot with children entrapment ploys until he surrendered. But, has 46 year-old Pitt found himself in the hell of the century of his own making. For 3 years after meeting Jolie on the Mr. and Mrs. Smith film shoot including an entire year and a half after his split from Jennifer Aniston Pitt refused to speak of Jolie publicly, media was banned from asking about her in interviews and the most he spoke of in reference to Jolie was on the topics such as children or humanitarianism. Both of which Jolie jumped all over like a hawk to conjure up what is vulgarly known as Brangelina.

Thinking he had gotten free of Jennifer Aniston’s marriage strangle hold he rebounded onto the boa constrictor hold of Jolie through ‘ you’re the daddy’ weapon of mass destruction. Could Pitt have been waiting for the start of a relationship with another on the heels of his split with Aniston which is why Jolie rushed to acquire and Africa non-orphan and alleged biological birth less than a year after his split and divorce from Aniston?

It would explain the awkward and distant body language and of course Jolie’s own admission that there was never a discussion about being a couple until 2006 at which time according to Jolie’s Vogue interview confirmed that the two swore to never ‘be committed to each just the children” Ahhh… isn’t that what true love is all about. No real commitment just shacking up and power playing the other until they surrender fully.

Jolie witnessed her so called baby daddy rebound back onto ex-wife Aniston last year several times but that does not stop her from pretending the two were back in love after ending their one a bit year relationship (summer 2007 to March 2009) which Jolie likes to call 5 years as of their 2009 split announcement . This declaration of course includes the year Pitt went home nightly to his devoted wife Jennifer Aniston during their 2004 film shoot together . That being an entire year after the so called love affair according to Jolie started on Smith film shoot.

Pitt of course denies the relationship start on that film short story because he was not really into Jolie and therefore it was all Jolie out the snare him from Aniston and possible another. Jolie has been hanging on for dear life ever since. Pitt’s attempts to rebound onto someone knew continue to fail him as no one appears to want him, six kids and Jolie ‘mad woman’ style clinging on as if she has hold over him for life through the zillion kids.


By summer 2007, Jolie finally got he dream of Pitt caving into to claiming the relationship she worked in overdrive mold to force into the world and inflict upon us all especially Aniston and anyone in Hollywood who denied her in her past yet failed conquest attempts. This is of course after Pitt fled the new home he purchased in New Orleans just months before to reside in a ‘bachelor pad’ and declare the two not going anywhere romantically together. But, by summer 2008 the signs that Pitt may have wanted out again. And, by the start of New Year’s 2009 the matter had escalated to were both sides were slamming one another in the media but still Jolie held on.

Pitt announced the public ending to the nightmare in March 2009 shortly after the only thing outside of the so called kids that made the appearance of a couple aka the ‘red carpet’ events for awards ceremony season had come and gone. The alleged relationship was back on for summer ‘red carpet’ events then over in autumn post ‘red carpet’ event with Pitt moving out into yet another ‘bachelor’ home.

Lawyers were called in by December 2009 and legal separation papers as well as joint custody agreements that shut Jolie out financially were signed and sealed in January 2010. So, why than is Jolie still pretending and hanging one. Pitt left with no one to rebound onto sit in the mess waiting for a sign or hope in hell from some direction to move forward to but to no avail. Jolie living a lie seems to be what she is content with. Maybe, as no one else since Billy Bob Thornton was foolish enough to hook up with her publicly she must know there most like will never be another foolish Hollywood big star take her in future ever again.

In 1997, he briefly rebounded from then fiancé Gwyneth Paltrow onto then ‘Meet Joe Black’ co-star Claire Forlani before discovering the then lovelier then ever Jennifer Aniston. So, who will Pitt rebound onto now. He and Aniston played fake Hollywood couples for an entire 18 plus months while Pitt waited for someone to rebound onto in 2005.

He officially end his mess aka relationship with Jolie who fast made use of red carpet events and children to bring it brief back from the dead last year. This year she has opted to launch an absurd lawsuit against News of the World for spilling the bean aka the ‘truth’ about their pretense of a relationship for which Pitt still hunts quietly behind the seems for someone new to run to.



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