New Photos of “Twilight Saga” Robert Pattinson on ‘Water for Elephants’ set

While ‘Twilight Saga’ stars Kristen and Taylor Lautner are promoting the Eclipse world tour in both Australia and South Korea, rumors of heavy flirting between Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon could spell disaster for the other rumor of a relationship between ‘Eclipse’ costars Pattinson and Steward.

Pattinson and Witherspoon costar in ‘Water for Elephant’ alongside recent Oscar winner Christopher Waltz. Waltz took front in center in the ignoramus bastard Brad Pitt ‘s film of the same title at Oscar’s and Golden Globes 2010. On set flirting between gorgeous Pattinson and Witherspoon seems to have most inquiring minds wondering … well about lots of things. Meanwhile. Pattinson and new haircut are looking as devastatingly handsome as ever. New photos of the 24 year-old British actor in a “muscle” t-shirt have young and older woman wild for peak. reports that Pattinson recently revealed fears of being typepcast or only known for his role as Edward Cullen from the “Twilight Saga” movies. Certainly, more and more great male leading roles and excellent cast ensembles would remedy any possibility of typecasting. Either way the future looks blazingly bright for Pattinson onscreen and off.

See More Robert Pattinson here.


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