‘Superficial’ fake humanitarian Angelina Jolie Exposed in drugs and sex with multiple partners

  • Superficial' fake humanitarian Angelina Jolie is yet again exposed for her usual lying, scheming and backlash we have all come to cringed and witness since she made the misguided mistake of pursuing other woman's men on film shoot some years ago. Playing fake family with Brad Pitt across the planet with endless reports of a drunken Pitt and his continued yet failed efforts to free himself from her completely saturate the media and tabloids like a tragic soap opera weekly.

    Now the Brangelina façade suffers another blow and a heavy dose of reality. New revelation of Angelina Jolie's endless efforts to bed further wed men in spite of pretending to have a family with the encumbered Pitt are set to make headline news on the cover of Star Magazine on sale today.

    In 2005, Jolie confessed to bedding five lovers in hotels that years alone. But, later would alleged that she and Pitt fell in love on the film shoot where they first met in 2004. Must be why she carried on bedding more men a year later and even confessed to bedding one just before Pitt allegedly knocked her up. I for one don't see the resemblance still.

    And, five years after she made her pursuit of him publicly she still has to seek out others partners to bed at multiple sexual partner capacity. Jolie the mom, the liar, the cheat, the humanitarian, the superficial woman, the arrogant buffoon. However, does she fit it all in.

    The June 14 issue of Star is said to rock the very core of Jolie's lies, schemes and fake relationship with rebound man Brad Pitt. Ironically, the pair played a deceitful fake married couple who led separate lives as assassins in the Mr. and Mrs. Smith film and went onto to play fake couple leading two separate lives in real life.

    Art imitating life or what... Famed author Andrew Morton is "set to blow the lid off Angelina's scandalous secrets." Jolie puts on her mommy face for the world while reports surface that her older kids can't really bare her. Maybe, they are plotting the escape for when they are old enough to emancipate themselves already.

    According to Morton, Jolie has carefully cultivated her image as a devoted mother after being branded a homewrecker for luring Brad Pitt away from Jennifer Aniston — has been desperate to keep the info under wraps!

    The latest dirty Angelina Jolie tell all even names the multiple lovers over the Brangelina years (including several married men.) Maybe, Jolie and Jesse James should hook up after the Bullock's divorce. Ala one big cheat and big ho sex addict to another.

    “I interviewed dozens of her friends and associates, and they told me some fascinating facts about Angelina and her relationship with Brad,” author Andrew Morton tells Star in our new issue. “She will have to wait to find out what’s in it.”

    The book hits shelves on Aug. 3, also details Jolie's drug habit and use of ecstasy and LSD. She even uses voodoo ritual which explains why zombie like Brad has been around her nightmare living for several years longer than he intended to be. She is a mess, but sadly so is Brad! Someone call DSS fast.

    “Angie is completely panicked,” a family friend tells Star.

    More Angelina Jolie here.

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