Justin Bieber Died? Justin Bieber Dead TMZ Real or Another Real Hoax Like Bieber Arrested Rumor? [Video]

  • According to the internet latest trends, a horrible story alleging the death of teen pop sensation Justin Bieber is making its rounds up the hot trending on the interest list. I for one hate seeing these celebrity dead rumor based headlines and find them most cruel. I absolutely burst into tears when just four months ago one such celebrity died story named Johnny Depp. I never met the guy but I was beside myself with misery for several hours until further reports confirmed the rumor was just a hoax.

    Depp has always been one of my favorite actors since 21 Jump Street and of course pre-Robert Pattinson phenomenon hitting the world of entertainment. He continues to be one of the most versatile actors of our times. He is presently costarring with my least favorite actress Angelina Jolie. But, according to on set gossip the loathing of one another is pretty mutual. Thank heavens for that. There be no luring Depp away from his faithful loyal woman ala Pitt from Aniston goings on there.

    The Justin Bieber Died rumor is not the first rumor sadly targeting this young sensation. Just last week another controversial rumor of Justin Bieberbeing arrested turned out to be complete rubbish. Nonetheless, it must have infuriated Bieber to no end. Apparently, twitters will stop at nothing to get those massive online hits. Read More.

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