Aldis Hodge of TNT Hit ‘LEVERAGE’ in Balboa Beach Denim [Photos]

Aldis Hodge is hotter than ever in Men’s in Balboa Beach Denim. The 24-year old actor stars in the new TNT TV series ‘Leverage.’ Hodge, who portrays tech-savvy hunk Alec Hardison in ‘Leverage,’ looks great in European tailed Balboa Beach Engineered Denim.

Recently, Hodge spent an afternoon at the LBJC Showroom. Check out Hodge in stunning Men’s Long Beach Black Stitch Denim, Men’s Santa Monica Brown Cords and Men’s Crystal Cove BBB Denim. They are said to be his favorite. Hodge often completes his sexy look with an olive green LBJC cap.

TNT network confirmed that the hit series ‘Leverage’ was picked up for another action packed season. Expect to see lots more of Hodge and the crew in the new season on ‘Leverage.’


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