Chace Crawford Nominated for People’s Choice Award

Hollywood actor Chace Crawford received his very first nomination for 2011 People’s Choice Award. In 2007, Crawford emerged as one on Hollywood’s new stars of the CW Network’s hit series, “Gossip Girl.” Best known for his role in the hottest show on TV, Crawford’s character Nate Archibald has his fair share of female companions and personal family up and downs. “Gossip Girl” characters depicts the daily life of New York City’s most élite residents and a lifestyle known only to the most affluent.

In 2010, Crawford starred opposite 50 Cent in the dark tale “Twelve.” In addition, he made a guest appearance on Family Guy in the episode titled “The Former Life of Brian”.

Crawford was recently spotted at the première of “Black Swan” in New York City. ‘Twelve.Read More

Exceedingly sexy, Crawford can be seen on the next episode of ‘Gossip Girl.’ Check out the latest here.

Congrats gorgeous! xoxo


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