Tim Tebow – New Jets Quarterback in NYC

Tim Tebow clashed with Jets team only weeks before the news of his leaving the Denver Broncos for the New York Jets became more that just chat amongst the fans and commentators. Tremendous talented and determined paid off for the quarterback just one year before when he first signed with the Broncos. The former Broncos quarterback makes his début in NYC with new NFL team. Several weeks of speculation and rumors were proven true when on 22nd March 2012 news reports surfaced confirming that hottest quarterback today was heading to NYC.

Amidst media frenzy, Tebow also confirmed that he had in fact left the Denver team that gave him his start in the NFL in 2010 for greener pastures in New York. The 24-year old took the world of football by surprise when he first emerged on the scene five years ago.

Winning the Heisman Trophy in 2007 was just the beginning for this talent and gorgeous football player. Tebow’s public service to his religious beliefs caused him stand out above even the critics who might have under estimated the players just a few years before.

His time with the Broncos football team now behind him, Tebow embarks upon new territory in NYC and unchartered grounds with a formidable team such as the Jets. Success is bound to come to both in the new season.

Tebow fans can expect to be impressed and thrilled by the footballers on and off field presence in NFL.

Tebow is well on his way to becoming an icon in his own right. New York Jets have a quarterback prepared to go the extra miles. Even in NFL that is always a very good thing in deed. Photos of Tim TEBOW NFL rise


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