Brad Pitt – Says ‘yes’ to Oceans 14 but Without Clooney

Brad Pitt manages to look great in any role he takes on. This is exceptionally true when it comes to his devastatingly handsome portrayal of the sexy Rusty Ryan in Oceans 11, 12, and 13. Early on, when questioned about producing another Oceans producers thought the sudden demise of lead character portrayed by Bernie Mac spelled the end of the Oceans franchise altogether.

Rumors of a possible Oceans 14 continue to surfaces behind the scenes, leading Pitt himself to consider investing his time and elegance to yet another fun, fantastic, caper for old times sake.

The cast and crew were always a pleasure for everyone to watch on and off screen. The odds are if Pitt says ‘yes’ then the rest of the cast will also jump on board too. Don’t expect George Clooney to reprise is role if Pitt’s Rusty has anything to say about. The fallout between the two Hollywood actors is said to be irreconcilable.

According to close sources to the actors, Clooney crossed some very definite and deliberately intended malicious lines since 2009. ‘There will be no working with that guy ever again,’ Pitt said last summer when Clooney attempted to pressurize the newly wedded Pitt to mixed-raced wife Kesha Coggins Pitt.

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