Brad Pitt - REAL

Brad Pitt – google+ Account hacked into by Palestinian born Amal Mansour aka lunatic stalker. Mansour has been stalking the wife of Brad Pitt, Kesha Coggins Pitt after briefly befriending Angelina Jolie who sent her a Facebook friend add link in January 20112 shortly after Mansour was contacted by Coggins Pitt to attend the couple’s spring nuptials. Efforts to fight off Jolie’s attempts to drag Pitt back saw the couple opt for exchanging vows on the island of Guam in private ceremony on February 3rd, 2011. Suspecting her of the association with Jolie, Coggins Pitt deleted Mansour just months later. Since then both she and husband Pitt  have endured the psychopaths jealous and psychotic levels of hatred and rage at the discovery of her former friend’s nuptials with the Brad Pitt.

After months of viciously aiding the likes of Brad Grey Tom Cruise as well as Madonna and Angelina Jolie…

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