Brad Pitt - REAL

Angelina Jolie prostituted Brad Pitt high on heroin from 2009 to 2010. All because he announced by March 2009 that IT WAS OVER on front covers in the media. By 2010, she charged fellow Hollywood actors and politicians 70,000 to have sex with him. During that time Pitt appeared dragged around by her in the media bloated and disturbingly unstable if not to mention abused.

Both she and lover/brother James Haven would not only drug him but lock him in when she and he mostly accompanied by Brad Grey would break into homes to rape and rob   while later claiming that Pitt himself had done so to support the monkey on his back. The time finally arrived and he fled her apparent ploy to kill him off in Namibia for money December 2010. Within days of departing Jolie and even the six kids, Pitt announced his plans to marry another…

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