Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Overinflated Box Office Tally

For those of who adored the original Mission Impossible series in the 70s, news of a movie by the 1980s was almost magical. The lead was cast as the dashing, turn several years later ego mania, driven actor Tom Cruise and the storyline was ever bit the wonderment of the television series starring Peter Graves.

Four installments later and over-hyped or budget and or exposed leads see the beloved film franchise quite possibly at its end. In 2005, Cruise was unceremoniously dismissed from Paramount pictures after what appeared to be a string of hit films and outstandingly enormous budgets.

Viacom Chairman Sumner Redstone lead the public undoing of Cruise and the rest looked to stay bitter for the rest of the century. By 2007, the coupling appeared to be back on and by 2009 the fourth installment of the previously successful franchise was confirmed.

Released in December 2011, the end product was not to quite up to movie goers expectations as well into the fifth week of release no more than 27 million tickets had sold worldwide. I know because I checked the tally at the box office that weekend personally. The latest tally for the overestimated flick appears to also be overkill much like that of Cruise’s stunts and acting.

According to Mojo, the Ghost Protrocol grossed domestic $209,397,903 and $483,656,168 in the 12 weeks after I checked the tally I suppose. Is possible I guess… hummm and OMG!

Are these box office REAL figures or is Tom Cruise over shooting his load as usual…

Total Lifetime GrossesDomestic: $209,397,903 30.2%
+ Foreign: $483,656,168 69.8%

= Worldwide: $693,054,071

Domestic SummaryRelease Dates: December 16, 2011 (limited)
December 21, 2011 (wide)
Limited Opening Weekend: $12,785,204
(#3 rank, 425 theaters, $30,083 average)
Wide Opening Weekend: $29,556,629
(#1 rank, 3,448 theaters, $8,572 average)
% of Total Gross: 14.1%
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Widest Release: 3,555 theaters
In Release: 119 days / 17 weeks

Box office Mojo.com


3 responses to “Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Overinflated Box Office Tally

  1. amazing! I think you are out of this world level of mental! since 100 million was made in China alone, I’m thinking 20million tickets there. over 25m tickets alone is US. 100-125million tickets worldwide. Surely a mad paranoid freak like you would think the 4 million fans Tom Cruise has at weibo are fake too…is there anyway to report your insane website to the stupid central of the internet? or do we just take screenshot and ridicule it on other sites?

    This is comedic gold.

    • Hello

      &685 million at the box office at week 17 but $27 million at week 7 to 9? Why the sudden increase around the world for such a slow starting film release. Really worldwide… Move From Poverty was fleeced the same amount that very month. I was the CEO for it and had to shutdown from the embezzlement. Is not the amount for the US marijuana task team budget annually the exact same. Perhaps the final ticket sales came from that.

      PS. HOW DO YOU CALCULATE SUCCESS WHEN HIS BUDGETS ARE AT MIN. $600 million RECENT AND box office success at $685 million. Don’t you pay the cast and crew or are they all told to stay down and work the baby~marry crap angle of Hollywood for the payment instead…. idiots!

      Were they also missing some funds…. Tom CRUISE IS BROKE BROKE BROKE….

      SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!


      freak that B.I.T.C.H….ACH!

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