Brad Pitt - REAL

Brad Pitt is even hotter than ever is such an understatement.  A new wife at the focus of his life, Pitt is using this time in his life to take on  the demons of the past still hounding his present. Loving his new life is just another facet of this talented actor whose career spans three decades and counting.

With new film projects and film releases insight, Pitt’s longevity in the world of filmmaking is assured for years and years to come. Recently, Pitt hinted to taking time away from acting to focus on his heart and personal passions. The 48-year actor  is expected to reprise several of his top box office successes including Ei8ht, the sequel to Se7en with director David Fincher.

Expect the unexpected from the hottest man Hollywood has seen in a long time. His personal life with wife Kesha Coggins Pitt may be well-guarded and off-limits…

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