Overrate at the Box Office Estimations- Tom Cruise.. at the End of Career

The days of Hollywood actor Tom Cruise riding the wave of fame and fortune long passed when the actor who once could do no wrong sudden did just that. Summer 2005, was a turbulent time for the actor who went from a string of Hollywood box office wonders to what appeared to be desperate attempts for Oscar glory by 2004.

Dismissed from Paramount 2005, rumors of Cruise going gay and crazy surfaced everywhere. The encumbered actor did what only he used to do best. Created a media diversion to through off the backlash of losing it all. Marrying Katie Holmes in an lavish media driven ceremony in Italy seemed to put the spin Cruise sought.

However, two years later and a baby, Katie appeared to be heading for the divorce and custody courts. Not long after that media stories surfaced accusing the young actress of substance abuse to which both Cruise and Katie denied.

Without a hit in the recent years, Cruise has declined in the media and public eye greatly. Over-inflated box office tallies appear to be yet another desperate attempt to remain at the top. Keeping up with the likes of Hollywood award nominated actors such as Brad Pitt, Christian Bale and Ryan Gosling has left Cruise well and truly in the dust. Read more about who is trying to save Tom Cruise’s career here.


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