BWR/Paramount- Brad Grey Money Laundering Scam

Paramount Pictures boss is apparently confirmed in the media to stay as chief execute for the studio that brought such film greats as The Odd Couple, Love Story, The Godfather, Chinatown, and Rosemary’s Baby.

Founded in 1948 by Hungarian-born Adolph Zukor, Paramount Pictures held the the highest per Oscar nods film studio in the world in recent years with a string of hit flick starring Hollywood actor Brad Pitt.

Ironically, Pitt’s unaccredited wife Kesha Coggins Pitt is the force, brain and talent behind the films that Paramount Vantage watched soar to the top of award season ceremonies since the very first nod came in 2005 for set design on Troy. The 2004 released flick is Pitt’s most successful commercial film.

Grey eventually milked the success of Plan B to land and accredit his own rise in Hollywood to be the man for the top job at Paramount on the success of the critically acclaim flick ‘The Departed.’ ‘The Departed’ was a film project offered to Pitt by Coggins Pitt in 2005 as one of the flick remakes to pursue by Pitt’s then film company Plan B launched in 2002.

Grey took full credit for the smash hit as producer inspite of having nothing to do with the project whatsoever other than add his name after the fact of the film rising in popularity and caughting the grace and gaze of an Oscars nomination.

Since 2007, Paramount and Grey’s so called magic touch aka Coggins Pitt’s ideas passed over to Pitt for his own career appeared to loose its luster and even disappear altogether. The The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was the last producer idea offered to Pitt and Plan B in 2007. According to Grey’s IMDB professional prolife website, he has yet to prodcue a hit sine 2008 or flick since 2010.

In 2012, Paramount has offered him a 5-year renewal deal… for what reason exactly. Grey admitted in a Facebook inbox chat with Coggins Pitt last year before the brief communication turn ugly and then irreversible over that he was aware of the Plan B ideas coming directly from her. But… niggers don’t get paid he would eventually tell her regarding Paramount and Hollywood in general.

On a personal note, Grey has been both hounding and harassing Coggins Pitt for an entire year to come ‘inside’ and give over to his sinister ill use of her and even told her last year that she should be running Paramount. The first time Coggins Pitt met Grey was at the age of 3-years and he was then her abuser.


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