Robert Pattinson Wins Big at 2010 Teen Choice Awards [Photos]

Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner won big at this year’s 2010 Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles. The ‘Twilight’ hunks looked hotter than ever in their casual plaid shirts and jeans. Pattinson took top Choice Actor, Drama award for Remember Me. Lautner also won an award for Male Hottie at Teen Choice Awards. In total,’Twilight’ and its cast won 16 awards. Read More. [Photo: Getty Images]
Check out hot Robert Pattinson at Teen Choice Awards photos here.

Robert Pattinson Sings in ‘Songs From A Room’ [Video]

Robert Pattinson is more than just a gorgeous face and Hollywood hunk. The 24-year old British actor who has taken Hollywood by storm and as Edward Cullen spawn ‘Twilight’ obsession has yet another hidden talent. Pattinson can also sing.

His amazing vocals are just one of a number of acts featured for ‘Songs From A Room’ music series event. The event sees well-known artists perform in one lucky person’s living room. Twilight star Robert Pattinson sang and played acoustic guitar at an event for ‘Songs From A Room’ in January 2010. Other acts involved in the project include ‘The Magic Numbers.’ Watch his performance here.

Jennifer Aniston Imitating Icon Barbra Streisand on Harper’s Bazaar [Photos]

Jennifer Aniston is looking amazing at 41-years old. In spite of stories claiming that she is not over the idiot cheat Brad Pitt, it’s great to see her looking so amazing without him.

Nothing like moving onto to looking better if not living better, especially when the home wrecker still finds the need to copy everything Jennifer does. From her man, her dress style, her photo op moments, getting the kids that Jen didn’t give Brad… why did Brad leave Jen when Angelina’s so busy trying every Jen plus move to hang onto him?

He has obviously taken to media whoring out himself with that fiend of his. So, what’s the problem with going back to Jen… HUMMMM! I, personally, won’t touch that cheating, lying ignoramus bastard with a barge pole. Again, why does Jen want that moron Brad back? Six kids ain’t cute and a witch (aka HOME WRECKING and VOODOO RITUALS) for baby mama…. ewhhhh!

Meanwhile, take a look at stunning Jen imitating beautiful Barbra Streisand on Harper’s Bazaar front cover and check out the video here.

Photo source: by Mark SeligerLindsay Lohan Released from Jail [VIDEO]

My favorite comeback chick Lindsay Lohan was released from jail after serving 13 days. Sentenced 90 day for violating her probation in a 2007 drug case, Lohan turned herself in on July 20, 2010. The 24 year-old actress was discharged at 1:35 a.m on Monday.

Next on the legal agenda is the remaining time Lohan must fulfill under court order. She will now attend a three-month stint in rehab.

Kristen Stewart’s Memorial Day Weekend One Finger Salute [photos]

As the world mourns the great loss of one hell raiser Dennis Hopper who passed away on May 29, we are reminded of another. From one hell raise to another Twilight/Eclipse Kristen Steward has given the photographer she is renowned for loathing the one finger (times 2) “bird” salute? OMG! The Twilight star is presently on promotional tour in Australia. But on Sunday, she pulled out all the stops… well more like the ‘bird’ to let the photographers know where to go.

Radar has got the stunning photo for all the world to see. Humm! How un-Bella of Steward. Could the pressures of media invasion into her personal be the culprit or is she lashing out as a result of stories surfacing about a certain presumed to be her boyfriend Robert Pattinson bringing on the heavy flirtation on the set of his latest flick ‘Water for Elephants’ starring the object of his flirtation Reese Witherspoon.

The 20-year-old was sporting a lit cigarette from her lips as she flag the middle ones at the onlooking paparazzi from her hotel balcony in Sydney. According to Radar, Stewart and co-star Taylor Lautner enjoyed a relaxing afternoon together when they shared a jet boat cruise on Sydney Harbour.

However, the boat ride did little to calm Stewards nerves. By the time the boat docked she was hear “swearing at them” and shouting ‘Stop taking my picture’.”

“She was just in a bad mood because of the photographers,” one fan, who asked for a picture but was refused, said. “She sprinted along the wharf trying to get away. OH DEAR!

Check out Kristen Steward during sunny time on her Elle magazine photo shoot!

“Jesse James on Dateline”

Estranged husband Jesse James is either out to win back his soon to be ex-wife or just getting loads off his encumbered chest. Crying on ‘Dateline’ could be the start of something new for the bad boy James. Committing atrocious levels of infidelity and betrayal, James apparently now understands the damage and pain he cause Oscar winner Sandra Bullock. Bullock seems to have a bit of a soft spot for the cheater who broke her heart now that she has become single mother to her adopted son Louis Bardo Bullock.

ABC News confirmed the Jesse James interview will air on Tuesday’s ‘Nightline.’ It will be his first television interview since the cheating sex scandal that destroyed his marriage hit media headline news in March.

PHOTO -Source ABC News

Leonardo DiCaprio Shares His Five Essential Movies List with Esquire

In the latest issue of Esquire magazine, Leonardo DiCaprio opens up about his thoughts and kindly shares his pick of five essential movies.
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Iron Man 2: Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow Sequel “

Iron Man 2 dominates the box office around the world. Robert Downey Jr. as Billionaire Tony Stark is simply incredible and amazing to watch.

Read More.

Sandra Bullock’s Best Actress Oscar Winning Role in “Blind Side’ Set For ABC Family Network

The film that turned Sandra Bullock from actress to Academy Award winning actress it is next set to take to the ABC Family network airways in 2012. The rights to the critically acclaimed ‘Blind Side’ film was acquired by ABC Family. The tale of an outspoken football mom will be broadcast into home across America soon.

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